“I Listened to the old brag of my heartI am, I am, I am

Once upon a time, there was a girl. who used to hate/despise book/novels. she used to yawn just by the sight of them. but then on a very hot day of July 2015, she was siting in her room scrolling through Facebook, doing nothing at all & suddenly something catches her eyes. That was a dce10a8283ac8cb9fbd08f0d8fd0bbf2title “The Forty Rules Of Love” by Elif Shafak. At that time she was a fan of cliché’s and you can obviously tell how cliché this title sounds. So, she though “Preha, Let’s read this book.” So, the next day she visited her local bookshop and bought the copy of that book & start reading it in her car to the way to her college, and all the day.  She was literally un-able to put this book down.

From that  my friends. I became a bibliophile by heart. Forever & Always. I am still unable to work through a day without reading a chapter.So, this was the story of how i became a Bibliophile. 

Other than Books, i enjoy;

✏ Listening Music. Music is not my escape, it’s a part of who i am. I have literally more than 1000+ songs in my phone and much more in my laptop. I am huge fan of Music from the very start. I don’t remember a time, where music was not a part of me.

✏ I am huge fan of Bands, mainly boybands. Mind me whenever i say boyband everyone
thinks “Oh you like One Direction” and i be like “What the fuck, NO”

With boyband i mean: One Republic, Imagine Dragons, Foo Fighters, Takhipster-headphones-88507e That, Twenty One Pilots, and 5 SOS(just sometimes, & only some songs) and The Vamps.

✏ I am also a HUGE “Electro Pop” & “Trance Music” LOVER. 

  • Martin Garrix.
  • David Guetta.
  • ChainSmokers.
  • LMFAO.
  • Hardwill.
  • Quintino.
  • DJ Snake.
  • Afrojack.
  • Skrillex.
  • Tiësto
  • Like Mike & Dimitri Vegas.
  • R3hab.

Hahahah!! Yeah that was my list of DJ’s i love. 😀 So, as its a book blog, i’ll refrain telling you something about music 😀 

✏ I am a girl ho still is finding the right path to travel. I really had no idea what i am going to do in my future or what to do. So, i am just flowing with the waves, lets see what it will take me. 

✏ So manly, I am huge lover of NA, YA, Paranormal, MM-Romance, Fiction, Fantasy and Re-tellings. I am huge fan of Re-tellings, i just love the twist and turn. 

✏  So, thats it. My bio 😀 Ohhh.. by the way, i am 20 years old, a lover of literally lBooks, music, xbox, and i literally love my ps3  😛 and i love to travel and one day, Mark my words guys, I’ll travel this whole wide world. ❤




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