Review: Made You Up by Francesca Zappia.

Made You Up
Made You Up by Francesca Zappia

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“What you loved as a child, you will love forever.”

Wow, I am shocked, i really didn’t expect that it would be this good.

Made You Up is a book, that will make you question everything you know. It griped me from the very first page. I was real wary to read it, because Mental Illness book doesn’t dwell well with me, because Literally in every book the illness is dragged, and i know it because its my it my field of expertise, we literally work hard to know and treat these patients and for me it’s literally eye rolling scene whenever they dragged a illness and treat it wrong.

That’s why I am really picky when it comes to Mental Illness books, I am not saying this book was perfect in the “Mental Illness” Department but it was good if compared to other books of this kind. Surely there was a little bit dragging out at some points but that is reasonable because nothing is perfect. and the second reason of may wariness was the title, “Made You Up” for me its like the title is speaking that you will read it and believe it and then i will make it all go, on the very last page. and Believe me i was waiting for the shoe to be dropped till the last fucking page, it was like i am reading a thriller not a contemporary.

“Dear Asshole:
Thank you for keeping your word and believing me. It was more than I expected. Also, I’m sorry you were inconvenienced by my gluing your locker shut at the beginning of this year. However, I am not sorry that I did it, because it was a lot of fun.
Love, Alex.”

Made You Up is book, full of Love, friendship, hardships, highschool bullies, bitches, detentions, first love, paranoia, mental illness, suspense that will kill you till the very last page, family hardships and LIFE.

Alex well truth to be told when it comes to female MC’s i really am not a big fan of female characters and only some of them made a place in my heart and Alex was one of them, a twisted teenager with Schizophrenia, who can’t tell what’s the difference between real and hallucinations. what she was dealing with was really difficult to comprehend because how can we live when out of nowhere the thing became a hallucination when al of your life you think that it was real?? Alex was a victim of paranoia from her childhood she don’t do anything without a perimeter check and don’t even eat anything because it might had anykind of poison, she don’t even touch anyone or let them touch her. I loved her strength yeah for me she was brave, because who would have strength to live a normal life where everyone thinks you are crazy?? I am sucker for twisted characters and she was one of the most twisted persons. I loved her sense of humour. The girl had a really good spirits even the world of her was crumbling form its axis.

Miles, well if i start explaining miles it would be a sort of rambling from a fangirl not a review so for miles i would just highlight some points or you’ll be the victim of poppy’s fangirl episode.
♥ He is the MOST heart-breaking soft and loving Asshole, I’ve ever read.
♥ He is a jerk who plays pranks on everyone for money because of the most emotional reason yo’ll ever find
♥ He protects everyone is loves. Even if it cause him to do anything.
♥ He loves Alex.
♥ He was complex, Intriguing, heartbroken, and a confuse personalty with a witty sense humour.
♥ I loved his “Quirked one eyebrow raised” expression . ahh the butterflies!
♥ and he is MILES what not to love about him. and
♥ He has Alexithymia- a mental illness in which you can’t comprehend your or anyone’s emotions.
♥ And yet he was always there when anyone needs him, when alex need him.
♥ THE END ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


“I am real. This”–he put his other hand over the first-“is real. You see me interacting with other people all day long, don’t you? I talk to people; I affect things in the world. I cause things to happen. I am real.”

“But-but what if this whole place”-I had to suck in air again-“what if everything is inside my head? East Shoal and Scarlet and this bridge and you-what if you’re not real because nothing is real?”

“If nothing’s real, then what does it matter?” he said. “You live here. Doesn’t that make it real enough?”

Alex & Miles was together was everything you’ll ever need, i loved the interaction and their little pranks that they put on eachother and and and their 3 turn 20 ask me something question game were hilarious, these two history junkies know almost everything and i loved them. There was so many moments that i laugh out loud on their pranks and interactions they never did make me bore or roll my eyes on them. They both were crushed but whole with eachother. I just adored them so much!!

Did i tell you that other than Alex and Miles, i almost loved EVERYONE in this book, even the bitch celia and the psycho McCoy, this book was packed with suspense and will make you glued to your seat till the very last page, i was shocked to learn how this book can deal with the mental illness with a really suspenseful plot at the very same time. Francesca Zappia i must say you really made a fine piece of work with this book, literally outstanding. I was rooting for the MC’s from the very first page. this was the mother of SLOW BURN ROMANCE but it won’t bore you to death with it, i swear! 😛

“No, you’re not a bad person,” he said.
“And Richter isn’t a bad person, and I’m not a bad person. We’re just people, and people sometimes do stupid things.”

Well you must be thinking that if i loved this book so much why i didn’t give it 5 Stars well because there are still something that we didn’t get the answers clearly and that made me a little bit of wary and i wanted a Epilogue which was not there. But overall i really loved this book. So, Read it guys, what are you waiting for, i mean LITERALLY YOU HAVE TO READ THIS ASAP!


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Too seventeen to live, too alive to be young
We pick our pain like villains dying to be young
And we’re trying to be done
With all that we’ve done so far we’ve come
Lying in the sunlight, we’re not seeing the sun
Sunrays hit car rooftops underneath we lay
Our graves we’ve dug so our beds we make
The cushions beneath us is the bed we made
When we took to the skies with storms that raged
And he took my soul thru a broken doorframe
Hard to smile so our eyes are wild
Hard to speak so fingertips suffice
And he took my soul thru a garden wild
I dont see the sky all thruout the night
The stars are witness and birds that cry
Into the night with pitches low and high
And its cold at night but he’s heated still
All that his skin touches on…

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Review: Neighbor Dearest by Penelope Ward.

Neighbor Dearest
Neighbor Dearest by Penelope Ward

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“You know why it didn’t work out with him?”
“Because God made you for me.”

I liked this book but not more than Stepbrother Dearest. I freakin loved that book.

As much as i liked Damien. Elec is still my LOVE.

Starting was really good, but at half way i really got bored with this cat and mouse game they were playing.

I know Damien has his reason’s but comeon readers want some fun too.

I liked their chemistry! Too much heat …

“You feel that?”
He began to fuck me harder. “You feel me now?”
“Fuck. Yes.” I bucked my hips. “I feel you. I feel you.”

I really liked Chelsea. She was smart and I really sympathized with her.

Not becuase Elec breaked her heart because she didn’t get the Love she deserved.

I really liked the side characters. Ariel, Tyler, Jade!! They are my fav one!!

I want a Jade & Tyler book. ASAP!

”It’s you.”
His mouth curved into a smile. “You’re my unicorn…”

The Sexual tension was off the charts.

I really was pinning for them. Specially Damien to loose.

The way Damien get all hot just to see Chelsea with someone else was really funny. lol

I liked this book enough to recommend it.

But if you wanna start reading Penelope Ward books,
then start reading; Stepbrother Dearest or Cocky Bastard.

“As long as I’m walking this Earth, I’m going to love you … You’re it for me.”


Review: Crossroads by Riley Hart.

Crossroads by Riley Hart

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“What are we doing here, Bryce?” They were two straight guys, each screwing around with a man for the first time, when there were so many things standing in their way. They were a fucked up accident waiting to happen.
“I don’t know.” Bryce’s hand was in his hair then. “I just know that I can’t imagine not doing it.”


It was my second foray in reading two “straight guys-turned-gays”, my first one was Hot Head which really was a bummer for me, and after that i usually ignore all-the-hype-straight-turn-gay books, But after reading the synopsis and countless positive review i thought to give it a try and i am glad i did. This book was really good, NO it was So Good.

This was by far Riley Hart’s best work i had read. I dare not say that this series is a pleasure to read. The humour, friendship, love, confusion, heartache, betrayal, every one of a emotion was there. To write a GFY book is a hard deal, to convey the right moments at the right time is a difficult task, but Riley Hart you nailed it girl.

“You’ve turned my whole fucking world upside down, you know that?” “Yeah,” Nick whispered. “Yeah, you’ve done the same with mine.”

This is simple yet complicated story of two guys turned lover, it’s just not about gays or friends. Its a crossroad travelled by to of them without knowing what was the destination. I adored and loved every single word of this book. It a story that how love can get you in unknown circumstances when you least accept it. This book is equally steamy and yet emotional, with
the far best character’s i have read in this year.

I loved the character development of this book. Every character was developed so nicely that helped me to give this story my very best attention. The friendship between Chris & Bryce was deep, loving, satisfactory. Riley Hart really did a good work in builiding their relationship from friends to lovers, and from straight to gays. I loved how in starting everything went smooth with the friendship excepts and then Bhoooooooom here comes the attraction which seriously was slow burn and i liked it. I liked how they worked their way from attraction to love. Jesus, everything was just perfect with this book.

“You suck.”
“Ha! You do, too, now!”
Bryce’s mood lifted as he laughed at her. “You’re an asshole, Chris.”

I have to say that i loved Bryce’s family, i completely in love with the. They were far the best side characters i had read in this year. Especially Bryce’s brothers and his sister-in-laws and specially his best friend Christy, i want her book too, BTW. The way they supported Bryce in everything was very heart-warming. and made this book really good to read.

This was not smooth as i am trying to show you 😛 but i really don’t want to spoil anything for you guys. There were alot of obstacles that they had to overcome, the confusion of there new found attraction, there past life. This book was a roller-coaster of emotions, but yet all were heart warming and sweet. I beg you guys to read it, its amazing love story, and you are missing a hella ride.

“It’s a crossroads, Bryce. Which way are you going to go?” Nick finally repeated the lines from his dream.
“Whichever way you are,” he replied. He’d do anything for his man. Go anywhere. Being with Nick was where he was supposed to be.
“You lead and I’ll follow. I’m right here with you, Bryce. Always.”
“Nah, I don’t need to lead, we’ll go together.” Together, the way they’d done everything since they met.”

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Review: Strong Signal by Megan Erickson.

Strong Signal
Strong Signal by Megan Erickson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“”Sir, what’s your emergency?
Oh, nothing, just about passed out watching my online Army boyfriend beat off.
Sir, please don’t use this line for non-emergencies.
Have you seen my Army boyfriend? You’d have a heart attack too.
Sir, I’m hanging up now.””

I have never read anything like that in my whole-gamer-turn-bookworm life. Strong Signal got me hooked from the very first page to the last. I just love both of them so much. For the very first time i can’t seem to choose which of them i liked the most. I like both of them. They are my babies. Not once did i felt boring by reading this.

This was not our typical online-friends-turn-real-life-boyfriends book, its was not sappy, cliche read. It was really different from other books. Not only did the author portrayed the online social status friendship and gaming zone gamers and the social quirk about gays being queer and can’t be gamers but also author discussed very important topic of social anxiety and it was really well written. I loved every second of this book.

“I didn’t care how unbeatable this Samwise fuckface thought he was. I’d figure out how to beat him eventually. And then I’d dance on his green corpse. After”

Garrett and Kai first meet on a online game on which Kai beat the ass of Garrett and left him really annoyed with him. And hence it comes the curiosity of Garrett to see who the hell was samwise which was Kai’s gamer name. and it lead him to Kai’s gamer channel and he was stunned to see how beautiful Kai was. And what started with just a simple email to warn Kai that social media can also be harmful turned into a beautiful friendship and then later a hot as fuck skype relationship.

“I’ll do long distance, but I don’t want to. I want you with me all the time. I want to watch you play games and stream on Twitch. I want to fucking wake up with you and have you teach me how to cook, and we can’t do that over Skype.” Garrett looked away as his voice grew thicker. “But I’ll do it. I’d rather have you that way than not at all.”

It was really entertaining to see how their relationship developed from emails to G-msg and then to Skype. With Garrrett’s deployment about to end in some week, Kai can’t resist to feel the sudden panic about Garrett finding about about his social anxiety and knowing that he can’t even go out of his apartment. It was a thrill to watch both of them fighting for eachother and having a online-relationship, which i’ve never every read about.

“I’m outta here soon, Kai,” he said. “I’ll be home.”
“I’m so happy for you.”
“Yeah, but that means I get to see you. That means I get to finally touch you. You want to know how often I think about that? Every day. All the time.”

I just loved Garrett and Kai, their combo was out of this world. I loved Garrett the dirty talker and Kai being very cute and all jolly personality. I especially loved that Kai was not our young-horny-needy kindof MC. Their relationship was like reading a hot burn romance novel. I was anxious to see what will happen when they will meet in a real life because no matter how much of online we talk, Reality is reality.

Totally Recommended to every MM lover and to every bookworm who want to explore this genre. Start with this book and believe me you will NOT regret it. It’s worth your while.


Review: A Beautiful Funeral by Jamie McGuire.

A Beautiful Funeral
A Beautiful Funeral by Jamie McGuire

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


‘A Beautiful Funeral’. Life is unfair, messy and complicated. We have to live it like it’s the last day on earth because we only get to live once. You took the ‘I will love you forever’ & ‘Happily Ever After’ to a whole new level.


I knew. i fucking knew it!! That i’ll never be same after reading A Beautiful Funeral. There are just so many feels right now. Even i waited 2 days to write this review and yet i can’t get the idea how to review this heartbreakingly good book.

I’ve always liked jamie’s writing, DAMN i practically fell in love with her characters well okay plural’ make it a particular character, Travis fucking Maddox. & this mas no exception. It was so nostalgic to read about the characters you loved so much.

“Tyler shook his head. “We started out together. We go out together, right?”(…)
Tyler stood up and walked around the table. He held out his hand, and when I grabbed it, he yanked me to my feet. “It’s just a desk. You’re my brother.”

Even though i haven’t read any of Maddox Brothers Series and i won’t ever but i still love and adore every Maddox brother with my every loving being. I love how they are together and it teared me apart reading about all they had to go through.. fucking emotions

I was soooooooo nervous picking this book because duh the book name spoke for itself. I don’t wanted any of Maddox to have a Beautiful Funeral. For god’s sake how would i want my characters to die. No way in hell. But my love for it made me impossible to escape this book. And i was right this book did break me but that’s what our closest to heart books do to our bookish hearts.

I felt EVERYTHING. Everything. Their grieve, Pain, Heartbreaks, Confusion .. Everything. Thanks Jamie Thankyou soo much for writing a beautiful book about a family & about life.

I LOVED every moment of this book not just because of Travis, because of the Maddox Family they are a thrill to read, their love and relationship with each other is so loving and caring that it will make you fall in love with them. Even i teared up so many times reading this book. After picking it i can’t seem to stop reading it, i wakeup all night to complete this.
Totally Recommended.

After Reading”


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On Announcing the book:

16 August 2016 !! Ohhh shitt !! This wait ..


Review: Lionheart: a Beauty & the Beast Retelling

Lionheart: a Beauty & the Beast Retelling
Lionheart: a Beauty & the Beast Retelling by Fran Seen

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

“Beauty & the Beast Re-telling”

I LOVE Re-telling’s of any good’ole fairy tales or just any king of historical Re-tellings. I myself is a huge fan of “Beauty & the beast” Re-tellings but everyone of them left me feel awkward. I’ve yet to find a “Beauty & the beast” re-telling which i love as much i love the Original story. But alas till then i have to read some really awkward books that left me feeling that “why do i even bother to compare them with such a fairy-tale that no one yet seem to compare??”

From the very first page i was unable to connect with any of the characters of this book.

First because i just couldn’t connect with them and the second thing what the hell was the matter with MC’s and their names, not one name of character was attractive, what “lula” and all. Comeon we are not reading children’s fairy tales.

I also don’t like the relationship of Lula with her sister and Father, that was really a off for me. Though i liked Lula’s sense of humour. But that was it. I didn’t like anything else.

The connection was just not their even though i really liked the writing but i just couldn’t feel anything for Rahim and his ghosts of the past.

This is the first book in which i couldn’t even bother to love or ship the MC’s.

“we let our pile of good things grow until it overshadowed the darkness”

Lula’s curiousity with rahim and his behaviour was valid, i can totally believe that because secret thing intrigued many humans. But the need of seeing him and knowing was really of the chart un-realistic for me.

At some point Lula made me cringe. Sorry but it really did. And the insta-love was also there which is one of my pet-peeves, many would say that their was not an insta-love between them because they started as being so-called “friends” but if you see close Lula was always their to take another step with him.

“Every day, you save yourself, even when you don’t feel up to it.”

I must say i almost liked Rahim, not because i pity him the way he was dealing with his life and his past but sometimes i liked how he carry himself and his brooding relationship with everyone. I liked broody people. 😛

Well, this book was really not for me. Their are alot of 4 and 5 star reviews that you’ll see but it just didn’t work for me.

Their should be always slow-burn romance in “beauty & the beast” re-tellings which was not in this. Because for God sake a guy who consider himself as a beast won’t easily open to any girl. So it should be realistic.

Things was way too fast for my liking. So for me, i won’t recommend any one this book. but you can still read if you want to. “Because not every book is for everyone”

Buddy reading with my Darling Halima and she agree’s with me because we think the same 😛 Lol . You can find her review Here.