Dear You;

Sometimes, we feel like we are alone in the midst of People you called Family, like we don’t belong here, that we belong somewhere else. Like everything around us has changed, every person, every smell, every face, even every day, but its not it.

Nothing is changed, people are still people wearing a mask for so long that they don’t even tell the difference themselves which one is the real. Every face you have known from the very second of your existence is still the same with a breathtaking smile and shining eyes but still haunted when they sleep in the darkness of tumblr_nln2n1wgms1r46fnpo1_500their rooms. Every smell is the same, the smell of the love your mum cook in the kitchen, the smell of you father always disappointed in you, the smell of betrayal that just won’t go away, the smell of the new success you just got, the smell of regrets. Everything is same but yet different because what has changed is YOU.

You have changed, because its important don’t let that change make you think that everyone around you is changed, don’t let it choke you.Change is must, it comes at the right time. Maybe your right time has come?? maybe your are at the path of changing. Just embrace the new change in yourself, learn with it and polish it so people around you can see that this, this new you is not the temporary its EVERLASTING. Because this change is called Adult-hood. You just don’t became a adult by celebrating your 18th birthday its more than that.

Its the feeling of utter devastation, a horror that you are not you, like someone else has crawled in your body and even the greatest of the days gives you a melancholy feeling.

depleting_snapshotBe the home you deserve, be the human you know you are. Just don’t fall apart because its easy to fall apart more than making the pieces you already have, stronger. Stick with your family, let them see you, the real you, let you happiness shown in your faces its when you will make a change in your own home. No one has changed they still love you. The love of family is Natural, we have got it from the start and will get it to the end.

Be a person, who your mother talks to whenever she needs anything, be the person, whom your sister came to whenever she thinks she need a favour, be a person your brother come to whenever he think he wants something but dad won’t give him, be the person whom you dad admires in heart but cannot show it. The change starts here with your family because they are the rope who held us when we are falling apart. We only accept the change when we see it be accepted by the people we love. Otherwise the change is not the change its called selfishness or the utter devastation of being a oblivious self. But remember it, In the end, the decision is always your no matter what other thinks, what you think will help you mould in a person you will be tomorrow. No matter your decision is wrong or right.  


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