Review: Reasonable Doubt: Volume 3 – Extended epilogue by Whitney G.

Reasonable Doubt: Volume 3 - Extended epilogue  
Reasonable Doubt: Volume 3 – Extended epilogue by Whitney G.


My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“I want you to be well aware that ring or not, I’m still the same Andrew.”
“Or Liam…”
“No, Andrew.” He kissed me again, more passionately this time. “Liam fell in love with the wrong woman…

Andrew didn’t…”

This was like icing on the top with a cherry.

I loved this extended epilogue, specially that it was 6 years later …

“Is it true that we’re required to take turns bringing you coffee every day?”
I looked at the coffee mug on my desk, at the sign-in sheet that listed which student had brought it today.
“It’s not a requirement,” I said, picking up the cup. “But if you miss your day to bring me my coffee, I’ll make sure everyone in this class regrets it.”

Especially that Andrew was a fucking teacher,

You can imagine Andrew as a teacher, it would be hell, Hell for the poor students.

But i will also kill to have a teacher like Andrew, yummmmmmm!!

Andrew & Aubrey’s story was one of the best love stories i’ve read and loved.

“I wanted to propose to you several years ago, but I didn’t want to hold you back or distract you from focusing on your career, so I bought the ring and decided I would wait until you accomplished everything you wanted, until we could actually enjoy some time together.”

A woman stood up and put her hand over her heart, mouthing, “Awww…”

“And even though you get under my skin like no other, and you continue to push me out of my comfort zone…There’s no one I’d rather be with, and there’s nothing I would rather do than fuck your pussy for the rest of my life.”

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