Review: Reasonable Doubt: Volume 2 by Whitney G.

Reasonable Doubt: Volume 2
Reasonable Doubt: Volume 2 by Whitney G.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars4-stars-3


F U C K ? ? ?

Damn, this series will give me mini-heart attack every time i end it. Another god-damned cliffy. Shit Man. I think Author is a fan of cliffy’s or she has kink of watching her fan’s going bat shit crazy. I think its the rest.

“Tell me that you don’t want to fuck me,” he said. “That you don’t want me to bury my cock deep inside of you right now.”

I really liked this instalment of this series, more than the first. There was quite a character development here, especially in Andrew’s character. He is still a asshole, and always will but he is nice person. A heart broken guy, my poor baby, the past we have known by now is really painful. Any body would be like this, if it happened to them, too. I liked how Andrew is getting close to Aubrey. But sometimes hot and cold, its bothering me.

“And the Latin quote across your heart? What does it mean?” “Lie about one thing, lie about it all…”

Andrew’s “Lie about one thing, lie about all … tattoo just breaked my heart. I know its difficult to overcome your only rule. But he has to see why Aubrey lied. Half of the time i understand Andrew and half of the time, I’m yelling at him to get his mind out of the gutter.

I just can’t wait to read the last instalment of their series. I know it would be beautiful and painful at the same time. Because Andrew you have to do some growling here, if you Aubrey back Baby!. BTW did i mention that i hate Ava??? Yeah i seriously hate that bitch.

“So, you don’t love me anymore?”

“I don’t answer rhetorical questions,” I said. “And I’m not a geography expert, but I know damn well that North Carolina is outside of New York and a direct violation of your parole. What do you think will happen when they find out you’re here? Do you think they’ll make you serve out the sentence that you more than f**king deserve?”

She gasped. “You would snitch on me?”

“I would run my car over you.”

Its all for now on, Diving to 3rd and last instalment of this book. Fingers and toes crossed 😀


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