Review: Reasonable Doubt: Volume 1

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Reasonable Doubt: Volume 1
Reasonable Doubt: Volume 1 by Whitney G.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars







Mother of all the cllify’s that what happened!

Thank God, I’ve all the books, otherwise i would’ve been so mad :/

Whitney G. really can pull off an outstanding story, with just 70 fucking pages. I am really sorry to under-estimate your writing powers.

and just don’t make me start on Andrew fucking Hamilton, he was the cockiest asshole I’ve ever read.

He is the kindof a person you want to lick and kill at the same time. He is Cocky, Infuriating, asshole, so damn beautiful, with eyes so blue like ocean, arrrghhh i love him.

Aburey/ Alyssa was one of those female characters that i adored so much, she was perfect for our Andrew ❤

Reasonable Doubt: Volume 1 is a perfect, you’ll find a perfect amount of love, lust, acceptance, betrayal, lies, past, family problem, slow burn romance, friendship and so uch more. I loved how it was not that dragged with extra drama.

Andrew Hamilton meet Alyssa/Aubrey on a LawChat website where all the lawyers chat and ask advice YADA YADA. Andrew’s motto is One Dinner. One Night. No Repeats.. and did i tell you that, He fucking hate liars & he can’t stand one. You lie then you’re gone from his life.

Audrey is her first friend whom she talks and literally trust for some unknown reasons. What he doesn’t know that the existence of their Friendship is based on lies. It also didn’t helped that he found out himself when Aubrey came for a interview in their Law Firm. The second he saw her, it was insta-lust but i don’t have any problems with it.

All in all, this was unbelievingly awesome read so far as it is just 70 pages short. I can’t wait to dive in the next book. I am literally rushing through this review so i can read the next book. Because i know, if i don’t write a review now i will be hella lazy and emotionally drained after completing this series. So i recommend this beauty to all of you, go and read this!


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