Review: Stay by Riley Hart.

Stay by Riley Hart

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

OH MY … I am feeling emotionally drained. This book really did a number on me!!

Where do I even start. This book was full of angst, heart-break, laugh out loud moments, crazy eye rolling stuff, cuteness overloaded and choices. So many things in one book made me emotionally drained like at one page I am giggling like a toddler and at next I am cussing like a sailor. Like I said before “Emotionally Drained”.

“If you don’t risk your heart, you’ll never know what it’s like for it to fully be whole.“

We met Wes and Brandon in Collide. When Noah met Wes in bar and they got home to have a one night stand but things didn’t get well and they end things with being friends. We also got to know that Wes was in Blackcreek for his sick sister that dies in “collide” and want Wes to have her baby for custody after she died and we also got to know that Wes and Brandon had their share of one-night stand. But now Wes don’t want anything to do with Brandon but Brandon got hooked and his curiosity can’t let Wes just go like that. Because he is used to getting what he wanted.

Stay picked up from where collide ended for Wes sister being dead and Wes getting the custody of his baby niece Jessie. Which was like a ray of freshness and sunshine in this book. Wes is heartbroken after the death of his sister and now he got the custody of a baby and he don’t know a thing about raising a child. His life is already full of chaos and heartbreak and on plus he doesn’t want another distraction which IS Brandon Ruth, the charming cocky bastard that Wes can’t seem to forget about and neither Brandon is helping him to forget him by calling him twice a week. Wes already had his heart broken by his ex-Alexander and now he doesn’t believe in relationship and neither he wants to.

“Why did it bother him so much that Wes wanted nothing to do with him?”

Brandon is hell-bent on getting Wes again in his bed. But he also doesn’t want to be an asshole as he knows what Wes is going through. Brandon was the best thing other than Jessie in this book. I freaking love this guy. Brandon was everything one wanted in his partner. He was cocky asshole with a heart the size of freakin new York. He never gives up on Wes no matter how much of an asshole he was being to Brandon. I like Wes, but I didn’t love him like I did in “Collide” he was getting on my nerves in “Stay”. He was so not being fair to my baby Brandon. But he did end up being god.

“I want to fuck you. I want to forget about everything else in my life and just focus on what I can control. Getting you hard. Driving you wild…tasting you everywhere.”

I loved the slow burn between Wes and Brandon. It really made the show more interesting and freaking how. I loved their chemistry and their friendship. And how they both dealt with Jessie. I loved the banter between the two, it was really fresh reading about a relationship that complicated but neither one was able to stay away from each other. No matter how much Brandon end up annoying him and opening his big of mouth to fuckup the things, he was still drawn to him. If I have to choose between Wes and Brandon I would’ve choose Brandon. He was really a nice guy, always helping Wes. Letting him join their family for Christmas was really awesome. I loved Brandon’s family. Riley hart does know how to write such awesome family.

BTW can we please get a moment to appreciate the MOST adorable character I’ve ever read about, YEAH I am talking about Jessie, Wes niece. Man she was everything. I loved her, she was soo cool and adorable that I just wanted to kiss her adorable cheeks and twirl my hands in her messy blonde curls. Damn she was cute. My heart break for her, whenever she cried for her mom. At the age of 6 with no parents, phew I can’t imagine how it felt.

“The Squirt is apparently dying of hunger. It just might kill her if she has to wait for you. She told me. And according to her, you’ll be pissed at me if I let her starve.”
“You said a bad word, Braden!” Jessie screeched in the background.
“Pissed is a bad word?” Braden asked.
“You said it again!”
“I was confirming!”

The best thing is that I loved every moment of Brandon, Wes and Jessie with their dog Jock. They were so cute. Living with a child was really a fun and knowing it with Brandon’s POV was everything. She was the reason this book got 4 starts from me. I literally read it all for Jessie not that I don’t loved Wes or Brandon, I DO. But Jessie was Jessie! She made everything more exciting and good in this book. Even half of the time Jessie was the reason Brandon was there for Wes and She was the reason they got so close at the end.

I recommend everyone to read this. It’s really and enjoyable and adorable read with a lot of angst.

“I’ve never known anyone like you.”
“That a good thing, Wesley?”
No hesitation, Wes replied, “It is.”



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