Review: Collide by Riley Hart

Collide by Riley Hart

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“One way or another, I’ve always wanted to be a part of you.I have
loved you since I was ten years old, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to stop now.”

I am a huge fan of Riley Hart. So, loving her books is not a new thing for me. She has a way of writing such an intense and yet heart-warming with a bit of angst books that left you feel giddy and good but also make our heart-beat raise. I love her books and the couples she has written till today. I loved Noah and Cooper. I loved how she can make a straight-as-come guy a gay and we don’t even bait our eye. Well that speaks something for an author and her way of writing.

Cooper was enjoying his life at his bestest. He worked as a firefighter, loved his job. Loved saving the persons from fire, saving Live’s when he couldn’t save their parents from a fire that killed them. Cooper was a guy who never settled, always being busy enjoying his life and saving Live’s and having no strings attached sex. Never knowing that his life will change as he never thought it will.

“I’ve never wanted anyone as badly as I want you. It’s like embers that are always inside me, this slow burn that I can’t stop. Hell, I don’t know if I want to stop it.” – Noah

“I don’t know if I want to stop either…but I feel like I should. This isn’t something I should want, but never experiencing it—you—that scares the hell out of me, too.” – Cooper

Noah and Cooper were best friend from childhood but suddenly one day Noah and his family vanished when Cooper were gone to a game with his uncle. No one knows why not even Noah. But the sudden loss of a bestfriend really sad even for a child but time moves on. But after many years Noah find himself back in Blackcreek after he found out that his boyfriend cheated on him. Noah has some rules in his life where being in relationship with a closet guy was out of reach and he would never be in a relationship where the other has cheated on him. For him forgiveness means weakness.

Noah meet or I say “collided” with cooper, oh not cooper with his truck yeah Coop run Noah with his big ass truck within some minutes Noah was in blackcreek. Getting his old best friend back was really surreal for both of them. One thing led too other and Noah find himself living with Coop as a roommate. But when Noah told him he was gay, Coop couldn’t believe him. He thought about when they used to sneak at girl’s party in their childhood but as Noah cleared off the things Coop suddenly got thoughts in his mind that he shouldn’t be thinking like that for Noah.

“But it isn’t the first time with Noah… And Noah wasn’t just another man… When it came to Noah, things were always more.”

I loved that it was not an insta-lust for a straight guy to his best friend, it would’ve been awkward. As they found their old spark of friendship back in their life. Everything was good. But Noah can’t himself fantasizing about his straight friend where he doesn’t know that Coop has been fantasizing about him too. I loved the confusion, anger, frustration he felt about the situation and the new feelings he was getting for Noah.

This book was really well written, especially the last part where Coop was getting to know what his real feelings are, without giving a damn about anyone else without his family. I liked the plot-line and PLOT-TWIST of this book. I liked how they concurred their relationship no matter the hurdles and the confusion which was a driving force between them. No matter how much they tried to fight it. The ending was really good. But I would’ve appreciate it more if we would’ve gotten an good epilogue. Because the epilouge we got was rushed. That was really a bummer.

“Twenty years ago you collided with me over that damn football, and my life was never the same.”


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