Review: Neighbor Dearest by Penelope Ward.

Neighbor Dearest
Neighbor Dearest by Penelope Ward

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“You know why it didn’t work out with him?”
“Because God made you for me.”

I liked this book but not more than Stepbrother Dearest. I freakin loved that book.

As much as i liked Damien. Elec is still my LOVE.

Starting was really good, but at half way i really got bored with this cat and mouse game they were playing.

I know Damien has his reason’s but comeon readers want some fun too.

I liked their chemistry! Too much heat …

“You feel that?”
He began to fuck me harder. “You feel me now?”
“Fuck. Yes.” I bucked my hips. “I feel you. I feel you.”

I really liked Chelsea. She was smart and I really sympathized with her.

Not becuase Elec breaked her heart because she didn’t get the Love she deserved.

I really liked the side characters. Ariel, Tyler, Jade!! They are my fav one!!

I want a Jade & Tyler book. ASAP!

”It’s you.”
His mouth curved into a smile. “You’re my unicorn…”

The Sexual tension was off the charts.

I really was pinning for them. Specially Damien to loose.

The way Damien get all hot just to see Chelsea with someone else was really funny. lol

I liked this book enough to recommend it.

But if you wanna start reading Penelope Ward books,
then start reading; Stepbrother Dearest or Cocky Bastard.

“As long as I’m walking this Earth, I’m going to love you … You’re it for me.”



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