April thirteenth

Forever- a word or a joke??-

Just That Random Blog ^-^

Too seventeen to live, too alive to be young
We pick our pain like villains dying to be young
And we’re trying to be done
With all that we’ve done so far we’ve come
Lying in the sunlight, we’re not seeing the sun
Sunrays hit car rooftops underneath we lay
Our graves we’ve dug so our beds we make
The cushions beneath us is the bed we made
When we took to the skies with storms that raged
And he took my soul thru a broken doorframe
Hard to smile so our eyes are wild
Hard to speak so fingertips suffice
And he took my soul thru a garden wild
I dont see the sky all thruout the night
The stars are witness and birds that cry
Into the night with pitches low and high
And its cold at night but he’s heated still
All that his skin touches on…

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