Review: Crossroads by Riley Hart.

Crossroads by Riley Hart

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“What are we doing here, Bryce?” They were two straight guys, each screwing around with a man for the first time, when there were so many things standing in their way. They were a fucked up accident waiting to happen.
“I don’t know.” Bryce’s hand was in his hair then. “I just know that I can’t imagine not doing it.”


It was my second foray in reading two “straight guys-turned-gays”, my first one was Hot Head which really was a bummer for me, and after that i usually ignore all-the-hype-straight-turn-gay books, But after reading the synopsis and countless positive review i thought to give it a try and i am glad i did. This book was really good, NO it was So Good.

This was by far Riley Hart’s best work i had read. I dare not say that this series is a pleasure to read. The humour, friendship, love, confusion, heartache, betrayal, every one of a emotion was there. To write a GFY book is a hard deal, to convey the right moments at the right time is a difficult task, but Riley Hart you nailed it girl.

“You’ve turned my whole fucking world upside down, you know that?” “Yeah,” Nick whispered. “Yeah, you’ve done the same with mine.”

This is simple yet complicated story of two guys turned lover, it’s just not about gays or friends. Its a crossroad travelled by to of them without knowing what was the destination. I adored and loved every single word of this book. It a story that how love can get you in unknown circumstances when you least accept it. This book is equally steamy and yet emotional, with
the far best character’s i have read in this year.

I loved the character development of this book. Every character was developed so nicely that helped me to give this story my very best attention. The friendship between Chris & Bryce was deep, loving, satisfactory. Riley Hart really did a good work in builiding their relationship from friends to lovers, and from straight to gays. I loved how in starting everything went smooth with the friendship excepts and then Bhoooooooom here comes the attraction which seriously was slow burn and i liked it. I liked how they worked their way from attraction to love. Jesus, everything was just perfect with this book.

“You suck.”
“Ha! You do, too, now!”
Bryce’s mood lifted as he laughed at her. “You’re an asshole, Chris.”

I have to say that i loved Bryce’s family, i completely in love with the. They were far the best side characters i had read in this year. Especially Bryce’s brothers and his sister-in-laws and specially his best friend Christy, i want her book too, BTW. The way they supported Bryce in everything was very heart-warming. and made this book really good to read.

This was not smooth as i am trying to show you 😛 but i really don’t want to spoil anything for you guys. There were alot of obstacles that they had to overcome, the confusion of there new found attraction, there past life. This book was a roller-coaster of emotions, but yet all were heart warming and sweet. I beg you guys to read it, its amazing love story, and you are missing a hella ride.

“It’s a crossroads, Bryce. Which way are you going to go?” Nick finally repeated the lines from his dream.
“Whichever way you are,” he replied. He’d do anything for his man. Go anywhere. Being with Nick was where he was supposed to be.
“You lead and I’ll follow. I’m right here with you, Bryce. Always.”
“Nah, I don’t need to lead, we’ll go together.” Together, the way they’d done everything since they met.”

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