Review: Lionheart: a Beauty & the Beast Retelling

Lionheart: a Beauty & the Beast Retelling
Lionheart: a Beauty & the Beast Retelling by Fran Seen

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

“Beauty & the Beast Re-telling”

I LOVE Re-telling’s of any good’ole fairy tales or just any king of historical Re-tellings. I myself is a huge fan of “Beauty & the beast” Re-tellings but everyone of them left me feel awkward. I’ve yet to find a “Beauty & the beast” re-telling which i love as much i love the Original story. But alas till then i have to read some really awkward books that left me feeling that “why do i even bother to compare them with such a fairy-tale that no one yet seem to compare??”

From the very first page i was unable to connect with any of the characters of this book.

First because i just couldn’t connect with them and the second thing what the hell was the matter with MC’s and their names, not one name of character was attractive, what “lula” and all. Comeon we are not reading children’s fairy tales.

I also don’t like the relationship of Lula with her sister and Father, that was really a off for me. Though i liked Lula’s sense of humour. But that was it. I didn’t like anything else.

The connection was just not their even though i really liked the writing but i just couldn’t feel anything for Rahim and his ghosts of the past.

This is the first book in which i couldn’t even bother to love or ship the MC’s.

“we let our pile of good things grow until it overshadowed the darkness”

Lula’s curiousity with rahim and his behaviour was valid, i can totally believe that because secret thing intrigued many humans. But the need of seeing him and knowing was really of the chart un-realistic for me.

At some point Lula made me cringe. Sorry but it really did. And the insta-love was also there which is one of my pet-peeves, many would say that their was not an insta-love between them because they started as being so-called “friends” but if you see close Lula was always their to take another step with him.

“Every day, you save yourself, even when you don’t feel up to it.”

I must say i almost liked Rahim, not because i pity him the way he was dealing with his life and his past but sometimes i liked how he carry himself and his brooding relationship with everyone. I liked broody people. 😛

Well, this book was really not for me. Their are alot of 4 and 5 star reviews that you’ll see but it just didn’t work for me.

Their should be always slow-burn romance in “beauty & the beast” re-tellings which was not in this. Because for God sake a guy who consider himself as a beast won’t easily open to any girl. So it should be realistic.

Things was way too fast for my liking. So for me, i won’t recommend any one this book. but you can still read if you want to. “Because not every book is for everyone”

Buddy reading with my Darling Halima and she agree’s with me because we think the same 😛 Lol . You can find her review Here.



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