Review: Sincerely, Carter by Whitney G.

Sincerely, Carter
Sincerely, Carter by Whitney G.

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Why did I not pick this book before????? Well yeah i know the answer ..

Dear Miss Whitney G.

I must tell ya, you literally Nailed this, like totally nailed this!!
I loved almost every fuckin thing of this book.
Every side character, though Sean was annoying, well i find him annoying just because i am loyal to Carter… Poor guy didn’t do anything at all. lol

This book got everything i needed to read in a New Adult book, after a long time i’ve read such a nice refreshing read in this genre.

Carter & Arizona just became my favourite ships..

They are the best. Their Friendship, Love, Chemistry, everything was mindblowing.

Specially i loved how you didn’t pull off the friends-with-benefits card like any other author whenever we read any friends-turn-lovers book.

And THE MAIN THING i literally love you too pieces that you DO NOT made Carter a cold asshole manwhore like every manwhore i’ve read are cold hearted and blah blah.. but come to think of he wasn’t a manwhore just Ari called him one!! HE WAS LOVE!


If you ask me who was my fav character i would say it would definitely be Cater because fucking hell if i can’t get my man like him then i definitely want a best friend like him.

No matter what happened between them even after sex he were their to make sure there is NO awkwardness between them.

I loved how after being together intimately didn’t caused there friendship any harm. Plus it was sooo good to have them together.

i was really excited to see what would happen after the intimacy they just shared.

And believe Whitney G. didn’t disappoint me though at a time things went really rough.

I almost saw my ship sunk but all’s well then end’s well.

So guysss just read this book!! It’s totally worth it..

I am glad i gave it a chance, though i should’ve read it ages ago.

But i am damn well happy that i just did that,, I WAS SO EXCITED TO READ THIS..

and it didn’t disappoint me, even a little bit..

“Sincerely, Poppy.”


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