Review: Turbulence by Whitney G.

Turbulence by Whitney G.

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

                    “This is hardly love.”
“Then it’s hardly lust.”
“Then we’ll just call it us.”

I was really excited to read Turbulence after reading Whitney G.‘s Sincerely, Carter and i loved that book. But these two books are nothing like each other but that’s not reason why i didn’t LOVED this book. For me if you plus Ugly Love and Fifty Shades Of Grey, you’ll get “Turbulence” and believe me that’s also not the reason why i didn’t loved this, because Ugly Love & Fifty Shades of Grey are one of my fav books.

I didn’t loved this book because of all the kinky fuckery out of no-where it didn’t made me Feel. I was un-able to feel anything for the characters. I just wanted to complete this book out of curiousity that what the hell was the exact problem with Jake and his hatred of Elite Airways even though he was working on it and getting paid double not triple even more than any of the employee.

Jake & Gillian worked on the same Airlines, Gillian for the past two years and Jake for the past 20 years or MORE. But mind not they never even met.

Guess what where they meet on a party where sparks fly’d and they decided to have a one night stand. but when Gillian made a decision to go with this starnger to place she always crashed after cleaning the condo. But she didn’t know that the place was Jake’s. Funny isn’t it?? What a coincidence.

“You’re a goddamn thief and a liar, Gillian…” he whispered against my mouth as he slid his hand between my thighs and tore off my soaked panties.
“A goddamn thief and a liar.”

After their one very-sex-as-hell nightstand over. They both were unable to think about anything else then fucking like rabbits. But there was not a chance because “Jake don’t repeat”. I will accept that Jake got me really intrigued with himself with his Cold brooding Personality. because i have thing for MC’s who are dark and cold blooded and have a past to pity.

Jake got all of them but sadly it only made me entertaing just for the 40% of the book, after that i was like
“comeon!! i’m getting bore, if i wanted to read about sex i would’ve picke anyone AR’s book, show me a plot”
but my plea’s got to deaf ears. There was just Fucking for jake and Emotion and hopes for Gillian. And this game became pretty much boring after that. Although Gillian was boring from starting Jake’s character was the rope from which i was clinging to this book and afraid to let it go.

“I need to fuck you again. Preferably the second we land in London, but I’m not opposed to doing it after you get finished serving either.”

Jake & Gillian’s story start with a mere one night stand and then turned to a second meeting sex and after that faith brought them together in a flight. From the very first flight they take together it was decided that they will have no-string-attached-sex with each other and on one else. After that as we all know what happens in every book.

Sex became more and more awesome.

They can’t wait to fuck eachother’s brain out,

And then the girl start feeling more and,

The guy will start pushing in attempt to shield his heart,

and finally when girl get his brain out of gutter, she left him,

But the guy finally realized what he did, and start chasing her back.

After that they had a make-out session and suddenly the shoe dropped and boy again start pushing,

but after 2 or 3 months apart they both come to their senses and lives happily.

Ohh we left the main part where none of them made any mistake but something entirely out os plot happened and the guy start hating the girl and feel betrayed and the rest is histroy.

“Until this ends, my cock is the only cock you’re allowed to have, your mouth belongs to me, and if you’re ever wet and in need of pleasure, you’ll wait until I’m available to give it to you.”

If i wasn’t expecting anything more good form this book and i am sure as hell liked it more than i even did. Turbulence was not a book i loved but i sincerely liked it because it was really giving me shock after shock in the plot not a good type of a shock but the bad one. But it really made my mood sour that no matter how much i wanted to enjoy it, Ugly Love was all i getting because something happens and i start thinking yeah That was also in “Ugly Love” but the both book are really same but at the same time not the same”.

Many people liked this loved this book but it simply was not for me. But yet i will recommend it because i think the problem was just me, not this book. I am sure many people will like this for what it is and not comparing it with anything else. but hence i was unable to do that. and this book came in my “Liking” category when i am sure as hell picked it up as an 5 Star read but Bummer!!

“You can ride my cock until you’re not mad anymore, and I can tongue your pussy until you can’t think anymore.”



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