Review: The Problem with Forever

The Problem with Forever
The Problem with Forever by Jennifer L. Armentrout

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

“Forever was something we all took for granted, but the problem with forever was that it really didn’t exist.”

I picked The Problem with Forever with quite an expectations. Jennifer L. Armentrout was one of my fav authors. I’ve read almost every book of her. But yet this book was .. just not for me. If you have read the reviews of this book, you must’ve noticed everyone saying that this book is not our usual fun and quirky JLA read. Well I agree with them, this book really was an exception but not a good one. At least not for me, though I must say JLA you nailed it with this beautiful cover, unlike anyone of your BEST novels but with a average cover, this was really a exception. Well, I really really don’t want to bash this book, though my inner devil is literally glaring at me and saying ” Do it, Poppy Do it!!

I must say I really appreciate the struggle that you had to make it more philosophical read, but oh my, Sorry to say I didn’t even understand half of the time whatever you were trying to say. There were so many things off with this book. Especially the Main Characters Sorry but i wouldn’t have cared if they didn’t get a HEA or a HFN or Rider or Mallory died, seriously I was unable to even like them. For me the side characters were MUCH more favourable than the Main Characters. There was no feels.

“…the way he said Mouse was so different from how Paige hurled the nickname. It was soft and deep and infinite.”

Why I didn’t loved this book??

✏Like I said I love the side Characters, Jayden, Hector, Paide, Katie and Ainsley- Man everyone!! Every single of side character was my fav one, they literally made me read this book till the end. Even i cried for a side character, if you have read this book you would know what i am talking about.

“As class ended, Hector announced, “I’m hungry.”
“ okay,” Rider responded as I said to my notebook into my bag. “ what exactly do you want me to do about it?”
Hector grinned as he glanced over at me and winked. “ I want you to take me out and feed me.” Rider snorted.”

✏ The writing, main I wa shocked to see the writing how much JLA’s writing has been changed in year since i have last read her books. The more the book was going towards its ending the more i thought; Man where the hell is plot???

✏ This book was Simply on Mallory and on her .. ahh … speech .. problems because .. of her.. past ..and trauma.. Well Shit Mallory its just a problem. Its not like i don’t sympathize with her, i do. What she faced in her childhood was bad but this doesn’t describe what you are now.

“You’re beautiful, too. I mean, you’re hot,” I blurted out. “But I always knew you would be.” my eyes widened as I realize what just streamed out of my mouth, and his grin to turn into a smile. “Oh my God, I did not just say… any of that out loud.”
“you did”

✏ The relationship between Mallory and Rider was not upto the point. Like in one half they were dealing with the Ghosts of the foster home duh i mean “mr.henry and then They meet in High School after 4 year and Viola They are in freakin LOVE!!. Not it doesn’t end on that, there’s more ..

“Mouse, we can’t be together. We’ve to end this ..”
“what .. are you talking.. about rider?? why shouldn’t we be together.”
“Don’t call me Mouse, i am not a Mouse anymore, I’ve changed.”
“Mous.. Mallory I am leaving you, you deserve better than me.”

✏ The Main problem was The Name’s, Rider Stark Oh, you mean Tony Stark’s brother from Civil War as you know their is such a similarity in their names?? and then Mallory “Mouse” Dodge Well yeah babe you really should be dodging not in speech but .. in … life babe!

✏ The metaphor’s ..
“My Blush turned me into the full shade of strawberry.”
“His eyes shine like a eclipse.”
“The dimple turn in to full smile that makes his eyes shine.”

Well, yeah you can understand my feelings..

At the end, you guys MUST be thinking why giving it a 3 stars, well because of the story, Not characters, not the drama, not the snob dailouges, not the fake angst, not E.L james metaphor. Just because of story and the message that “Everyone should find their voice, nothing remains Forever.”

Forever wasn’t being the one who needed protection. Forever wasn’t pain and grief forever wasn’t a problem. Forever was my heartbeat and it was the hope tomorrow held. Forever was the glistening silver lining of the dark cloud, no matter how heavy and thick it was. Forever was knowing it moments of weakness didn’t equate to an eternity of them. Forever was knowing that I was strong.



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