Review: The Hunter by Kerrigan Byrne.

The Hunter
The Hunter by Kerrigan Byrne

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“Where’d you find this ray of sunshine, a morgue? Doesn’t have the doughy hands of an idle lord, he works for his fine suits. What do you do, Mr. Argent, are you an undertaker perhaps?” Christopher’s shoulder lifted, though he remained unperturbed. “Close enough.”

This book start with most heart-breaking prologue I’ve ever read. So much pain and cruelty, no one deserves it not even a prisoner.Christopher Argent was the most cold & heartbreaking hero I’ve read so far. He has no feelings for anyone. An trained assassin and a murderer who kills without even a thought. So cold and fearless. We got to know the reason behind the coldness of our hero (well he was more of anti-hero but instead of this you will love Argent no matter what) in the prologue. What happened in prison left him so cold that he was void of any heart warming feelings. Till he meet Millie Le’Cour.

“I have killed so many,” he murmured. “Don’t you know that it’s too late for me? Don’t you realize that if there is anything but oblivion after this life, I am well and truly damned?”

Millie Le’Cour I loved her as a heroine. She was a very strong character and a very loving mother. She was reading to do anything for her son Jakub. With the best days of her carer as an stage performer and England’s sweetheart she doesn’t know that somewhere danger is awaiting for her to kill her and rob her from her son. And the only man who can protect her is the man who was assigned to kill her, but as he set his eyes on her, he was transfixed by her beauty. That make him impossible to kill her and let him make an arrangement which will make Argent need fulfilled and Millie’s need to protect her son. But as the days and danger crossed them, there was more than just a arrangement but something else. SOMETHING STRONGER!

He tensed and made a sound she couldn’t identify. Encouragement or censure, she couldn’t tell until he spoke. “Don’t be kind to me,” he ordered roughly, and tore her nightgown down the front. “I don’t know what to do when you’re kind.”

As the story unfolds, so many truths come unfold and caused their arrangement to turn into something strong and uncontrollable. This book will take you from the romance to thriller in seconds, from each turning page yu’ll find something new which will make you think about the characters and the truth behind their lies. I was so not going to read this book but the review make it impossible for me to ignore. This was my first book of this author but definitely not the last. I love the relationship between Christopher and Millie, it was like a rollercoaster of emotions. You won’t know what will happen next.

He tensed and made a sound she couldn’t identify. Encouragement or censure, she couldn’t tell until he spoke. “Don’t be kind to me,” he ordered roughly, and tore her nightgown down the front. “I don’t know what to do when you’re kind.”

Christopher was the most angsty hero I’ve ever read. He was so heart-broken for the most of the book, I really didn’t thought anyone can make him feel. Reading about his feelings were so raw and emotional. I felt for him and his fights with the emotions he was not understanding. He was new to this lust and this need he was feeling for Millie and the need to protect her was so strong that made the most of book so raw and good that i can’t wait to see what happen in the end. He was so heart-broken that he denied every feeling and every good thing he might get from this world. Denied the fact that he was even a human, just a monster, a assassin, a murderer. Nothing else.

“It is an easy thing to commit a sin and say that ‘the devil made me do it,’ and then cast that sin on him. But this life has taught me that we make ourselves into the monsters that we are. That the blood we spill is on our own hands.”

This was not our usual historical-Romance book that we read. This book full of suspense, thriller, angst and so many raw emotions that you’ll feel in your every bone. The plot was very suspenseful and it was dark and it was everything you need to read in a Historical Romance book. It was so heart-breakingly good to see Christopher suffering from a cold assassin to a lover and a protector and to the loving moments between Jakub and Christopher. Everything was soo good. With so many secrets and burden of past, seeing them both fighting till the end for eachother makes this book more perfect for bookworm’s like us who loves to read Historical Romance.

“If you’re not on this forsaken planet, it might as well stop spinning until we all fly off into the void. Because that’s all there is without you. Emptiness.”

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