Review: Midnight Sun- Edward’s POV

Midnight Sun
Midnight Sun by Stephenie Meyer

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“And, by the way, I adore you…. in frightening, dangerous ways.”

OH MY SWEET LORD, reading Midnight Sun was Nostalgic !!
I almost forgot how much I Loved this series! and it is even MORE better with Edward’s POV!!

“So, Bella, I was following your scent through the woods after I’d left your room where I was watching you sleep…Yes that would be quite the ice breaker.”

And I ABSOLUTELY loved the witty and sarcastic Edward and his inner conflicts always made me giggle, Poor Vampire he is!! and I loved to know about Cullen’s more privately with Edwards POV, I loved every one of them, expect Rose !! obviously, i just got over her attitude in Breaking Dawn. She annoys the hell out of me. Stupid, stupid vampire!! Poor Emmett, my heart goes for him!! But overall i loved every family moment of this book, the bond, the understanding .. Everything! How can a vampire family be so sweet and loving?? And ESPECIALLY Charlisle, he is an angle from heaven!!

“Could a dead, frozen heart beat again? It felt like mine was about to.”

Edward and Bella, Oh how much i love this couple! Its would be anyone’s guess.
Their Understanding, was whoa !! Even i loved the fact that Edward can’t listen her mind!
Its fascinating even for me 😛 Seeing Edward trying so hard to read her mind was a thrill to read!! and the way he answered her question in his mind was AWSOME. I didn’t know Edward has this character in him!! What a thrill to know more of him..

“Believe me, I wanted to say. I’ve tried.
Oh, and also, I’m wretchedly in love with you.
Keep it light.”

But, but, but, this book didn’t covered what i wanted to read!! Especially “the Meadow scene” 😦
WHY OH WHY, this draft got leaked!! It would’ve been a Masterpiece!! Seriously, i hope one day i can read all the book from Edwards POV!! So many things were missing, so many Feelings to know!! But overall what i read was enough for me to love this book!! NO MATTER HOW I WANTED IT TO BE COMPLETED!! Well, the world is not a wish granting factory, i guess!!

“I didn’t want the life that made sense. Not if the chaos meant i could have Bella.”

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