Review: Bad Teacher by Clarissa Wild

Bad Teacher
Bad Teacher by Clarissa Wild

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

2.5 kinky-shit stars

I’m addicted to him.
Addicted to giving myself away to someone like him, someone I can feel in my heart I can trust.
Addicted to the power play.
The distraction.
The sex.

This was NOT what I imagined, and believe me I’ve a solid imagination, I imagined a hot-badass bad teacher and a sweet-but-sexy student falling in love or some shit like this, but it was total opposite what I get. and i got a ton of ..

“Kinky fifty-shades-of-more-bad Fuckery”

A handsome man and a nubile virgin , meet at a club and have an explosive one night of wild sex.
His rules- just sex, no strings attached.
easier said than done.
next day they meet ….in class! He’s her Teacher!!.
So begins a dangerous, torrid, kinky affair that will destroys both of their careers . The aftermath gets them to face their nightmares!!

” I want this. Badly. Even if it’s bad for me. Even if it’s wrong. When is anything good ever right? ”

Their being together was forbidden, they know what will happen if they ever got caught, their lives will be ruin, everything will be torn, ruined, but their attraction got better of them! They can’t get enough, they risked their lives for an Forbidden sex.But would it be sex forever with this kindof intensity that can consume them, or will they stop the obvious by not falling in love?

“You ready for this?”
I growl. ‘Yes…’
“You sure about that? Things can get.. Rough.”
“I like rough, “she hums, biting her lip again.”

When it comes to teacher-student romance, the best part is the secrecy, the sneaking around and the taboo. I usually get all excited when the couple have to fuck discreetly, I like the element of danger of being caught. But there is risk taking and there is stupidity. When they decided to fuck in school with an unlock door, I was eye rolling in my head. And then the argument that took place after class dismissed? I think they should have been more smart and subtle about their illicit affair.

They pretty much just enjoyed the sex they have without trying to know about each other for a big part of the story. There are some indication of something more to Hailey’s family and Thomas’s past, which had me intrigued. But that part of the story was not well developed. It was only, explained and resolved almost towards the end of the story, a little too late and a little to fast. If only their background story are more developed on, this might turned into a more well rounded story. The book pretty much sum up in the idea of sex nothing more. The immature writing really put me off.

If you ONLY want to read a book with alot-of-sex in it with no character development , no plot just two dumb-horny people fucking their brains off. Then this book is your.

“If you behave, I’ll reward you with a lick.”


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