Review: This is What Goodbye Looks Like

This is What Goodbye Looks Like
This is What Goodbye Looks Like by Olivia Rivers

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

“ARC provided by Red Sparrow Press in exchange for an honest review”

“I once told you that I never leave a chapter of my life behind without taking a souvenir. I still don’t know what to take away from you, which makes me think it’s not time to let you go.”

THIS book was
Unexpectably Wow
!! Not 5 stars factor but YET a MUST read! It was like a EMOTIONAL ride like a roller coaster where you know you won’t enjoy that much but still you take it, this book is totally like that !! LIKE I SAID WOW!! This book shocked me 🙂 & I’m happy to be shocked!!

in my life seemed more interested in me “moving on” than solving the issues at hand, so since they couldn’t help, I decided that the Ashburys might be able to. They’d already done exactly what I
needed to do—healed their broken family.

This book is all about Pain, Love, Death, Regrets, Lie’s and Mainly Moving On.

This is the story of Lea Holder a girl torn between telling the truth or tellling a lie to save her sister & endup living a life of regrets.

Thats what she choosed “to live a life of regrets”.

Lea’s decision still didn’t help her family to be strong & not to fall apart! With her sister in coma and a brother that left the house and a mother facing trails didb’t help much the regret that was creeping her life!! With Parker Ashbury’s death infront of lea, she can’t help but regret every single decision of her & hense came her decision to go to Seth’s college to know what was the reason “The Ashburys” were still strong enough where her family was falling apart!!

So, she made a decision and transfer the schools, whats she didn’t thought to find was that Ashburys are as fallen apart as her family was. Not only that but she didn’t think she will fall heads over heels in love with a guy she least expected. Seth ashbury was the last guy she thought she can be in love but as she spend more time with him, she realize what her lie did that to him & her family. GOD can someone give me a second and let me fuss about HOW PERFECT THAT GUY IS/WAS!! THE TRUE EMBOIMENT OF A PERFECTLY BROKEN GUY!!! OH SHIT.. i was in pain just reading about him. i almost winse whenever Parker’s name was mentioned!! The LOSS i can certainly know how it feels!! But SETH he was..

But what will happen when seth finds out who lea really is? will he still love her? will al she get will be snatched out of her hands ! and she will be lonely again with the guilt which is killing her?

Will they be together? will lea ever feel the strong arms wrapped around her, keeping her warm & loved, aftera long time? or will she found
“That is what goodbye’s feel like”

Find out what will Lea’s lie’s will get her to loose more than she already did! or will she hand the prove that her mom was guilty for parker’s death and let Seth get what he deserved JUSTICES BY LOSSING HER FAMILY!!

he presses a soft kissright below my ear and whispers, “I wasn’t sure it was possible for me to feel like this anymore, but I think I love you” It’s the first time in almost a year that I’ve heard those words and believed in them completely. My response nearly leaps from my mouth, desperate to escape, desperate to tell him I feel the same way for him.

But I force myself to swallow back the words, staying silent and letting him think I’m still sleeping. I’ve hurt him so much with my lies, but right now, keeping this truth from Seth might be the only gift I can possibly give him.

Sometimes love is purest when it’s not voiced

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