Review: Undeniably You

Undeniably You
Undeniably You by Jewel E. Ann

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Five+++ “Fucking-Medusa-Eye’s” Stars


I DID’NOT expect this! I’m blowed’away!! Seriously.. I think that how people feel when they fall in LOVE with a book unexpectably!! OH BOY.. Every thing of THIS book is PERFECT!! And i am in TROUBLE now..

This cover did’nt do ANY justice to this book not a single % .. GOD! Even i ignorned thia book for MONTHs just because of its TACKY cover.. But BOY was i SO wrong.. This book perfectly fit in..

Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

This book is what i called PERFECTION

Sometimes we find happiness when we least expect it.

Sydney came to palo alto to babysit her aunt’s dog swarley when her aunt and uncle was going to a trip. Sydney was a ambitious, stubborn, funny girl and a walking disaster.. Hell i laughed at her every sarcastic and humourless jokes. She was a darling but half of the booj i hated her. I was just some steps from punching her face in my imagination. She is a stupid stupid girl. HELL she BROKE my lautner’s heart.. again and again and again.

And then there’s my love… LAUTNER

A PERFECT guy.. He and sydney meet just because of a simple wrong turn and a misunderstanding in which sydney thought he was a pool boy .. A really sexy pool boy *drooling*. Lautner is a dream guy of every single girl. His love for sydney was out of this world.

But every story has to end somewhere but no one knows when! But they did..

28 days.. That waa there deadline.
When sydney have to leave palo alti and lautner.. Would lautners love can make any difference in her decision?? Will she will findout the truth about her mother’s life to whom ahe want to proof something even if it cost her, his love??

“Its hard to letgo of what you love and its even harder to move on. But not looking back is the greatest challenge” -Lautner

Sydney was wrong when she made the deal with lautner for 28 days. She was even wrong when ahe let him in, in her life and she was mostly wrong she thought she can resist him. HELL.. She fall in love. But as stubborn as she was.. She didnt tell him even if it was KILLING HIM..!!

“Wanting something more than anything else in the world, but knowing you can’t have it… Knowing i can’t have you” -Lautner

I love there chemistry. God that was paiinful even reading this book. Thinking they were perfect but cant be together. Thiinking that they are meant tobe together but fate was’nt with them.. Fate what a bullshit, sydney never believed in fate. Why would she? Her mun died, left her to think that because of her she didnt do what she wanted.. But would she find out the truth?? Would she let lautner to love her and cheerish her..

I.LOVE.YOU.Period. Its a goddamn soul-shattering love that will never, ever be matched. My love for you is unpologetic and forever. I love you.. Only you.. Forever you” -Lautner.

This book has EVERYTHING. Anyone has ever dreamed to read. A heartbreakably love story, a hero to die for, a tragedy, and a hell of a PLOT-TWIST you never expected. This book is … I have NO WORDS.. I think i am blabbering..

What we have is longer than time and deeper than eternity. Even if we live out our lives in the arms of another, i have to believe we will be together again… Somewhere someday” -Sydney

Fate is a funny thing. It is really. When we think we are doing everything right. Shit happens and table turns.. When everything we thought was right became wrong. But then we cant di anything because its not the right time and everything slips..

“Love me again?” He turn & shakes hia head. “You have to love someone to love them again”
“What’s that supposes to mean?”
“Why would i think you ever love me?”
“Why would’nt you?”
“Because you never said it” he said.

I got to learn to believe in fate from this book. Not every fairytale is bullshit. Someone got there HEA with a twisted versions. When we think we lost everything that we love, then fate surprises us with a new begining. Not everything we love can be good for us. But some can be good. Would sydney and lautner would be together after they fall apart? After when they think they can move on? After when they have been broken so many times? After they thought they found love!! Again??

I’ve wantes many things in my life until i met you. Then i wanted nothing… Expect you. My existence is you.. He looks at ocean .. “Every part of you. Never doubt my love for you. If i’m breathing i’m loving you. Only you.. Always you.. Forever you..” -Lautner

blue Irises … You were right. I see my reflection in your eyes. My whole.Entire.World. Is in your eyes. My past, my present, my future .. Its all there. When i am lost, i find myseld in your eyes. I see my heart beating in your eyes. I see eveerything beautiful about life in your eyes. I see ocean of infinity in your eyes” -sydney

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