Puddle Jumping- Amber L. Johnson

Puddle Jumping
Puddle Jumping by Amber L. Johnson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 I-am-in-love-with-this-book Stars*****

“I promise that love isn’t easy for anyone. Anywhere.”

OH BOY!! Where do i even start to describe how MUCCCHHHH i love this book..!! Its a kindof book that will make your heart break in tiny tiny piece’s !! This kindof book are able to change your way of thinking..!! I got stuck from the very first line to the last words of this book. i was completely and utterly HOOOKED… i even complete this book in a hour and half, that how much i loved it!! i am just OVER-WHELMED right now..

EVEN IT MADE ME CRY ….!! I never cry ..

“I think sometimes we’re presented with the truth but we don’t want to believe it. We see things the way we want to see them. Sometimes, we choose to live in denial.”

It was story of a boy named colton and a girl named lily.. They first meet when lily was Ten years old and colton was Nine. They meet via there parents who used to meet on weekend dinner’s. Lily was very adventurous personality coupled by her clumsiness always ends with lily getting hurt, then saved my colton who always rush to there parents to get help and lily ending in hospital where colton always come to meet her and just sit there without uttering a word and when the time is up he always hand a painting to lily which always make her gasp with surprise seeing the beautifull paiting that colton has made but because of his clumsiness, colton’s parents stop getting together on weekends which cause them to FAL APART!!

“FRIENDSHIP: A true friend is one soul in two bodies.


But as time flew. And lily got in senior year with everything she ever wanted. A best friend and a handsome boyfriend, high school and loving parents. But she always felt like something is missing from her life but she didnt knew what till the day when she saw colton in a fair, where he was selling his paintings. Just by seeing him, lily’s heart flutter and she knew that he was missing. At that time she got the news that colton as aspergers but she didnt dwell in it and rather left it she didnt want to b nosy and she didnt want to think colton of something else just by knowing his condition.

“Sometimes change makes you sit up and pay attention, opening your eyes to so many new things, it’s as if you’d been asleep for”

But after a year lily meet colton again at her senior year in high school walking from the corridor she knew that she has to know him better, This boy with the striking eyes and incredible talent had stolen a piece of her heart and she was now ready to claim his. Very patiently their friendship turned into a relationship, and little by little they learned and shared together all the little and big things about love. It wasn’t always easy for Lilly, but when you love someone you take the good and the bad and never quit trying. Short yet powerful, this story delivers a meaningful message about unconditional love and friendship.

“I have to ask. Why do you like me?” He shifted away from me then, his brows pulled together making him look even cuter, if that was possible. “I don’t understand the question.” His hands were squeezing mine tightly as he looked down at them. “You’re my Lilly. You’ve always been my Lilly.”

Every word and character of this book took my heart away from me. The more s read the more i became hooked with this. I never wanted this book to be finished but every story has its end. And every word of this book is written in my heart i would never forget this book. I am amazed by the writing of this author how can she write things like this, its BREATH-TAKING!!

I just loved LILY she had became my ultimate-book-GFF, the way she handled colton, the way she loved him without any single doubts and any care what society thinks it was novel. and COLTON god where do i even start he was amazing just AMAZING i dont even have words to describe him. If i got a chance to choose a guy for me i would choose him TO-HELL with his aspergers. I DONT CARE !!

“You’re my my quiet, lily”
How’s that even possible?
“I’m a mess, I am chaos”
No, He whispered.
You’re my beautiful lily.
The one who makes everything right in my word”

The best thing was there LOVE for each other. The strongest relationship i ever read in any book. Beside of aspergers this story can be every girls dream hell with aspergers its mine dream too!! Every word colton utter melted my heart and he was a complete surprise with his austism the way he discribed his feeling for lily was on the spot it met my heart like a JELL-O !!

“This emptiness inside of me here” he placed my hand on his chest, “means I love you. When you’re not here, I can’t focus. It’s too loud … But my heartbeat does this when you’re close, I dream of you. And I don’t like it when I can’t talk to you or see you or touch you.” His eyes found mine again. “That’s love.”

But as the end come’s there much more in there relationship. More hardships, heartbreak, lonliness, pain and LOVE !! This story is EVERYTHING i need.. A MUST READ !!

“You were upset. I hurt you. Something must have happened to make you stay away from me. Is that right?” His nose was pressed under my ear and I fought back another round of tears because he just didn’t fully grasp it. He could have been repeating Sheila’s words for all I knew.
“You’re leaving.”



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