Corrupt- Penelope Douglas

4.5 Corrupted Stars★★★★★ 



Give me a second, so i can lift my jaw from the floor. God this was some SERIOUS shit. GOD help me but penelope douglas is SOMETHING else, she never ever let me dowm by her writing, it was my second book that i have read of penelope’s and now i have realised that i am gonna buy every single fucking book of this lady. She never failed to AMAZE me .. HOLY FUCK i still cant believe that someone can write like this.. JUST AMAZING …!! *Hats off to you girl*


where do even i begin to describe such beauty that i have got my hands on. TBH i have’nt stopped thinking about this book. I can believe she can pull a story like this. This girl is fucking genius. I am still in aww that how much she defined the characters with such a beauty and with time she was flourishng there nature’s JUST UNBELIEVABLE. She book got me hooked from the 3rd chap when Micheal entered in rika’s class. OH BOY that was i feeling scared as shit for her. Not a single chap was jaw dropping .. As i was proceeding with this book my jaw was continue hitting the floor, slowly and gradually..

Yup that’s me while reading this beauty !!

Well now i really should start explaining otherwise i would AGAIN start day-dreaming about this book and such a genius author … *Arghhhhhhhhhhh*

“Three year’s ago, curious little Erika Fane wanted to play with the boys, so we indulged her, and she betrayed us. There was no way we’d forget”







“I’d always been scared of him. The thrilling kind of scared that got me turned on”

Erika Fane has always been in love with Micheal Christ. With his intense and brooding nature that capitivated her from the very starting. Rika the girl who was coodeled by everyone but not micheal he always push her, always made her feel like she is nothing but that did’nt faze her love for micheal the more he push the more she try to pull him. At the very young age she was naive she did’nt know that she was like a moth to his flame which was burning inside him from a very long time. From the starting rika wanted micheal to notice her to atleast acknowledge her! but as for her he never did. but ONE NIGHT changed everything…

Circling, circling, circling… He pulled, i pulled. He pushed, I pushed. We fought and played, toyed and challenged, but he never gave in. We never came together, fused, and seized what was there”

Micheal Christ is like a Moth and rika is his Flame. With his DARK personality and his charming and strong behaviour, micheal never chased to get anything, he ALWAYS got what he wanted and now he know what he wanted is no more his brother’s girlfriend and not in his family’s protection. And now rika is under his wings and he will decide what he wanted to do with her. And now he will make her pay for that 3 faithful years and what she did to him and his brother-like-friends..

“Such a good girl…
Say it, Rika”
“I’m a good girl”, she panted, her voice shaky.
“And i’m going to fuck you”

I actually loved this book. I dont remember the last time any book kept me all night, wide awake! I was spellbound this book got me, like really got me. It was dark, intense, captivated and soo surprising. On every chapter i found myself more and more surprised, i never thought penelope will bring this shit out god i praise this lady. and her power to built such strong characters, Micheal was a kick to read he made spellbound with his captivate personality and GOD i love his POV. This book had every thing that anyone would want to read and special MICHEAL OH MICHEAL WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME *SIGHHHHHHHH*

And the main thing about the book was its fucking PLOT. It had me around its fingure i cant seem to put this book down even for a minute, it was like a new addiction for me. Even sometimes i want to throtel rika for her silly behaviour or micheal to become so much irritating, that i want to shake him and say wake up dude, where your senses are?? But still i was ADDICTED. with every chap the mystery was getting unfolded and that was itself a FUCKING ADDICTION, plus micheal and his pov .. OH godd he was like a walking mystery and a jumbled mess.. but still very SEXY *Awww*

“What if i’d corrupted her? What if she’d begun to like playing games too much, and the lust to play- and to win- overpowered her need for me?”


ANd i loved Micheal and Rika’s chemistry. OH BOY it made me hot !! As much as i loved this book it sadly have to end 😦 And a 100% Recommendation to every one!! Read this book guy’s it JUST phenomenal, sexy, dark and addictive!!


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